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Just like the Olympic Motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius", the Altius Nordic Ski Club strives for its athletes to be "Faster, Higher, Stronger". The Nordic Ski Hoppers program is geared towards “FUN and FUNDAMENTALS”. Participants are exposed to a broad range of sports and activities and cross training, including each of the Nordic disciplines. A supportive and positive environment is provided for all participants, with an emphasis on participation. The Altius focus highlights overall physical development, enhances healthy life styles and leadership abilities in each participant. It also provides the base and introduces an opportunity for long-term athlete development in the sports of Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined skiing.

Altius Winter 2015/16 Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined Program 




Learn to fly this Winter with the Altius Winter Ski Jumping & Cross Training Program

No experience necessary.  

2015/16 Winter Program  Dates: December 1st-March 17th, 2016

Learn to fly and XC ski with the Altius Winter Program-no experience necessary. With an emphasis on FUN! the group participates in many cross training activities including team games, alpine skiing, physical conditioning, and of course cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Beginning on December 1st running until March 17th, the program includes 58 training sessions on a flexible schedule. There will also be an opportunity to travel to Whistler, BC for additional training on the new small  jumps opening this year. The winter session is based out of Canada Olympic Park with multiple weekend trips to Canmore Nordic Centre (transportation provided).  Contact Wesley Savill at (403) 540-7952  or


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New Altius Winter Hats 

Look great this winter while supporting the Altius Ski Jumping NoCo program. These stylish hats are $15 each and can be picked up at the jump center.


About the Sport

NorcombIn the 1800s, a small and obscure group of winter athletes traveled from ski carnival to the next in a competitive circuit. They specialized in ski jumping and cross-country skiing, two popular Nordic fields of competition. It was a show of athletic mastery and ability.

Today, competitions are won based on Ski Jumping distance and style points combined with a Cross-Country skiing time. Athletes start the cross-country race based on their jumping finishing position. The first place jumper starts first and the following skiers are staggered behind based on a points to time conversion determined from their jumping points. The first skier to finish wins the event.

JumpinOldSki Jumping can be traced back to 1860 when Sondre Norheim of Norway, considered the Father of Ski Jumping, flew 30 meters. Check out a great article from Canada's Ski Magazine dated February 1953, to see some of the transformations over the past 57 years by downloading this article: PDF Article About The Flying Hickories.

Ski Jumping competitions are judged on distance and style points. The "K" term is the critical point between the take-off point, and the point on the outrun where the hill begins to flatten out. The average takeoff speed on the K89 is 84 km/h. Jumpers follow the hill's contour and are seldom more than 3 meters off the ground. COP has 5 jumps soon to be six: K10 for beginners is under construction ,the K18 for beginners, the K38 for beginner and development jumpers, the K63 for development jumpers, and the K89 for world class international competitions. The k114 at COP is no longer operational.

SummerpictSki jumping is predominantly a winter sport, performed on snow, and is part of the Winter Olympic Games, but can also be performed in summer on artificial surfaces – hard plastic tracks are used on the inrun, the landing hill is covered in a plastic turf and applied with water from a sprinkler system. COP has 4 jumps that are used frequently during the summer and fall:the K18 for beginners, the K38 for beginner and development jumpers, the K63 for development jumpers, and the K89 for world class international competitions.

Why Join The Altius Nordic Combined Program?

        • Have fun while developing athletic skills
        • Operates year round
        • Outstanding summer camp
        • Flexible schedule
        • Cross-training in many sports (soccer, mountain biking, gymnastics, swimming)
        • Highlights overall physical development
        • Enhances healthy life styles and leadership abilities in each participant
        • Introduces an opportunity for long-term athlete development in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined skiing

Nathaniel Mah Mid Season Video 2013

My son loves to jump. We originally  signed him up for the multi-sport conditioning, but jumping has him addicted. The coaching is top notch, and the flexibility of the program makes scheduling easy.
T Stretch, Parent of 10 yr old
Sam 'lives to fly'. He's always enjoyed sports, but ski jumping is something else to him.  I'm delighted with the breadth of the program.
G Bolton, Parent of 10 yr old
My daughter Brenna has been ski jumping for 3 years, and absolutely loves it. The program offers excellent cross training, the schedule is flexible, and the coaches are wonderful. The team atmosphere is incredible. What a thrill to have Olympic ski jumpers encourage and help coach our Ski Hoppers. This is an amazing Olympic sport that starts with the children developing a love and understanding of ski jumping.
S Lalonde, Parent of 10 yr old


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